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Philosophhers say that truth is an improvable concept, but that
doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The facts presented in this article
may be wrong, you tell me if so. I am sure this is a great area of
research and I am just one voice, but it's so quite important. H.S.Cohl 12/8/02

  • Now it seems that the ocean vessel, Prestige, is still leaking oil from the bottom of the ocean, caught in currents, the oil is surfacing many hundreds of miles away, the ocean is dispersing the oil quite effectively. Killing thousands of fish and wildlife around Europe, in the Pacific...not to mention that well-known radioactive dumping is still going on in the channel and is getting spread quite effectively around the globe and around Europe and Africa. No doubt, some of these toxic wastes are spread as far as the Americas, Asia, and Australia. Although the effects are diminished over distance, the net effect of holy cow, almost one oil disaster over 50 million tones of oil ever year for the past fifteen years. It is not hard to see the ultimate outcome of oil being spilled into the ocean. But what doesn't everybody know, please tell me if you have any ideas. What about disasters in the ocean which involve toxic chemicals even more dangerous than oil, which are currently being used in refineries and factories around the world. Those same chemicals must be shipped over the oceans and as well as on trains and trucks. I know of a few examples of trucks containing toxic waster, spill in an accident. Often times, it comes down, to a rescue, to prevent the chemicals from reaching rivers or estuaries which lead into the ocean. But there are continuing failures, many crashes each year with devastating death. It is a loosing battle we are fighting. There is a big ocean out there, but we depend on the ocean more than we realize. If worse comes to worse, and the temperature levels keep rising, the polar ice caps will melt and increase the salinity in the arctic, which will almost certainly shut down the oceanic conveyor belt which relies on this salinity to function. The oceanic conveyor belt drives cool water from the arctic down to the warmer waters of the equatorial regions. It is a stabilizing effect. If we heat the planet too much, the conveyor belt will shut down, forcing ocean temperatures to begin fluctuating wildly. The heat wave will be short lived. We will head into another ice age. This can be seen by studying the temperature fluctuations over the past million years. The earth has been in temperature fluctuations and ice ages for many 100,000's of years...It is only in the recent 10,000 years that the conveyor belt was started again, stabilizing the temperature on the globe. In the mean, time we keep polluting everything in the ocean, maybe the earth will save life for us. But the combined affect of our devastation, introducing new chemicals that life has never before encountered. It's a tricky business. We've got to search out these depositors and stop them, at all costs. The solution is to build gigantic, steel and concrete tested facilities where these things are stored, and all traveling containers need to be built in such a way that it would take an missile attack to break these containers open...yes it will be more expensive, but do we want to pay now, or do we want to play later before it's too late. We are at the beginning of the technological revolution and we should lead the way for later generations who will face these problems. UN! US! UK! We need your help. Let's make a new UN resolution banning single hulled carriers, and if that's not enough, let's triple hull them. Let's ban single hulled trucks and train containers! Let's make the law work to help us down the line, and to let our future generations appreciate what we still have and what we hope to leave to them. I am going to find more statistics, we've got to keep digging. anyone got any good web sites to suggest to me? This is Ocean Group Free Web Radoi.

  • Here we go again. Near Spain, giant ocean vessel, Prestige, containing oil was deposited in the Atlantic. I really wonder, when you compare all the toxic dumping which is going on in the ocean. This must be the tip of the iceberg. It is going to get a lot worse from here. I'll bet when you combine the effects of regular dumping from all countries, it adds up to something much worse than an oil spill. There must be some hard core actions taken by the world. I think the U.S.A. should encourage to protect the oceans. It doesn't look that way though, does it?

  • Stop polluting the oceans with *toxic* waste. Some group must monitor and try to convince those countries which dump toxic waste in the ocean to STOP. Let's encourage everybody to use safer methods of discarding toxic waste. Let us try to predict with some kind of accuracy, the impact on life in the oceans. If land life dies, ocean life must succeed at all costs. What are the possible affects of introducing toxic waste in the ocean. Of course, we must allow for some form of water pollution, just as we must allow for some form of air pollution and ground pollution. But let's keep toxic waste out of our oceans. I am aware of devastating toxic waste deposition in the English Channel and those who are aware of it still deny it's existence with powerful connections which must be broken. Don't you think? Comments can be entered at the bottom of my home page: hcohl.shell42.com or if you like this site click here.