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Rantings of a Disgruntled Unix User

Well how about those darned scroll bars. I've seen so many people get hung up on these. Simply find the movable part of the bar in the slider and click on it and don't let go. Then you are in the perfect position to scroll away. Have fun. Relax. Simply move the scroll bar up and down. Again, up and down. I reccomend that if you would like to start getting the most out of things. Go all the way to the top and then go all the way to the bottom. No matter how large the page is. By the way, this almost always can be done with a simple motion of the wrist and arm and fingers. This manuever can be accomplished in 1/10 of a second, no doubt. Even for large pages. Now, please relax your eyes and let the information flow. It is visual information. Your mind will automatically start picking up information. Don't worry that you can't even read a sentence on your first pass, just look for ideas, things that stick out in your mind. After you've migrated through the entire page in a matter of second. Do noy let go of the mouse button during this entire search phase. That way your mind can take in the visual observables on the page. Now you slow down your motions and do a random walk through the different boxes and subsections on the page. Just physically identify the different parts of the web page. If you see what you are looking for go ahead with it. If you don't see what you are looking for don't let go of the the mouse button. Keep scanning the page knowing it's full contents visually from your scanning the page from top to bottom as many times as it takes until you are comfortably familiar with the format of the web page. Don't worry if you make some zig-zags while you go up and down, that's allowed, just don't stop and get frustrated. Make sure you've checked out every relevant part of the page before you give up in failure. Remember the truth is just around the corner, even a moment's patience past the point when you are ready go give up may be that exact moment you were about to succeed in what you were trying to do. When you have fully viewed the page, unless you're in a frantic hurry and working in charted territory, you may let go of the mouse button and click, drag, tap, and tab, at will.

It just means you suck ass even more. : )

That's a sad view. Even though the motions don't seem to be working at all, and it's everything you can take just to keep figuring out why these damn windows keep popping up and do i answer yes or no, why the hell doesn't it just do what it's supposed to do. Damn, that's a great question, and there are so many answers. Where can we start? It seems like so many different things. Shit. How are we even going to be able to even start with all these distractions.
Well I suppose that's part of the game and there is no way around it. My best reccomendation for you at this point is to just deal with everything that comes at you one at a time. One of the nice things about the computers are that they are extremely predictable when you know what they are supposed to be doing. This predictability, even if you don't understand every different thing that the code execution is performing, there is always this guarantee of predicability. In fact it is totally possible to map every single instruction that the processor operates on. It is always possible to analyse every problem until an answer presents itself. However, when you are in a situation where you have no idea what the heck is going on, as is the case for most beginners. Always look at each problem as something that needs to be hurdled. If a problem becomes to difficult, you might try another program. It is my experience that codes might or might not work for a given problem, or maybe it doesn't do exactly what it is that you are trying to do. Give each program a fair shot, but if in your opinion there is no workaround with this program, don't be afraid to look for another freeware version of the program that does what you are trying to do. There is always some program which will work for your given problem of choice.

Keep looking don't be afraid. I can't tell you how many times I have seen someone quit in total frustration just moments before they were about to solve their problem. I have encountered this property of computer-phobia's. First of all, I have to assure you that these computers are totally predicable, and that there is a valid explainable reason for every little thing that happens within a computer. This is guaranteed. We can't say the same thing about life, or can we. Computers are much simpler systems than life, growth and everyday experiences within our society. In a computer, the control is always governed by a flow of instructions to the central processing unit. If there is an error of some sort, there is always a predictable, albeit possibly complex, chain of events which allow us to ascertain what actually happened. So, relax, these things are always predicable, even if you can't predict it. Just approach every event that occurs with the same vigor and vitality that you might approach a new opportunity at work or in social situations.

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