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Coulomb direct (classical) and exchange (quantum) integrals/interactions : Cohl et. al. (2001)
Two-electron interactions : Cohl et. al. (2001)
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Magnetic field of an infinitesimally thin circular current loop : Cohl & Tohline (1999)
Symmetry properties of associated Legendre/toroidal functions : Cohl et. al. (2000)
Whipple formulae for toroidal/associated Legendre functions : Cohl et. al. (2000)
New addition theorem for spherical coordinates : Cohl et. al. (2001)
Solar White Light Flares : Neidig et. al. (1993)

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Bispherical Coordinates


In bispherical coordinates -- where $\bigl\{a\sin\theta\cos\phi/(s-\tau),
a\sinh\sigma/(s-\tau)\bigr\},$ goes from 1 to $\infty$, $s\equiv\cosh\sigma$ goes from -1 to +1, and goes from 0 to $2\pi$ -- the surfaces $\sigma =$ constant are spheres and the surface $\theta =$ constant is a spindle-shaped cyclide. According to eq. (10.3.74) of Morse & Feshbach (1953),


Consequently, the following two expressions must be valid addition theorems:

\begin{displaymath}\frac{1}{\vert{\bf x} - {\bf x^\prime}\vert} =
\ \mathrm{e}^{im(\phi-\phi^\prime)},
\end{displaymath} (45)

\begin{displaymath}\sum_{\ell=\vert m\vert}^{\infty}
\ \ \mathrm{and},
\end{displaymath} (46)

\begin{displaymath}\sum_{\ell=\vert m\vert}^{\infty}
\end{displaymath} (47)


Howard S. Cohl

Cohl, H. S., J. E. Tohline, A. R. P. Rau, H. M. Srivastava (2000)
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